Xeo Quyt forest

Xeo Quyt forest
Located about 30km from the center of Cao Lanh city, Xeo Quyt Ecotourism site is located in My Hiep and My Long communes, Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. With 50 hectares square, the ecotourism of Xeo Quyt is not only beguiling with the beautiful natural sceneries of the immense lotus pond, the winding road between the mangrove forests, but also you will feel free while sitting on the canoe discover Xeo Quyt and enjoy many dishes of Mekong river flavor.

With cajuput forest system, entangled canal complex, Xeo Quyt relic is the context in the famous film “Dat Rung Phuong Nam” (Live in the forest of Southern Land).

To get to Xeo Quyt eco-tourism area, you have 2 ways to move. From Sai gon, you can travel by motorbike to An Huu junction in Cai Be district (Tien Giang province), continue crossing Long Hiep Bridge. Otherwise, you can run along the National Highway 1, remember turning into Highway 30, then going straight to Xeo Quyt.

To visit Xeo Quyt, you can walk into the path-way under the shade of fresh trees in the area (about 1.5km for easy trekking). Other option is trying experience the waterways of the relic. You can choose to sit on the tricycle to explore canals that cover around Xeo Quyt relic. The best suggestion is that you can do a walking first, then revealing by a boat. By this way, you can experience everything about Xeo Quyt.

If you go deeper into the Xeo Quyt, you will see the image of war zone of Vietnam in the past. This area is interesting with the A-bomb shelter, the Z fight or the L-shaped tunnel, which are all restored on the ground. Following the secret bases, you can see the sheds, the kitchen, the meeting room, the bomb craters ... remained intact in the old base. As an easy discover, Xeo Quyt is suitable for adventure tours in the first visitings. Entering to the ruins, you will easily notice the commander cellar, the battle tunnel restored to original forms.

Especially, in the relic, there are lots of groups of Thyrsostachys siamensis with large leaves spreading out creates a scene is very strange, just beautiful. This is a place that many visitors choose to take photos when they arrive here.

Not only immerse in the wild nature, drop by the gentle orchestra of forest birds, the sound of streams ... the tourists are also tried as southerners when experience the feeling of rowing, fishing on River. Let’s go fishing in the hut between lotus pond or learn how to knit everyday items such as baskets, shelves ... by water hyacinth (water hyacinth) drying. This is also one of the most characteristic activities in the ecotourism of Xeo Quyt.

For the dining, you can prepare your own dry food or can enjoy specialties at the restaurant of Xeo Quyt ecotourism such as: grilled baked mouse, grilled fishes, roasted frog every, braised Pangasius, braised potatoes, Chicken Salad and Hotpot.

One point to keep in mind is that you should bring jacket, hat, mask, sunscreen on arrival in the sunny season of Mekong Delta. / Rain gear, specialized footwear if coming in rainy season. Take unti-mosquito-insect to avoid bitten.